Yellowstone Club Estates
About Us

About Us

What is Yellowstone Club Estates Owners Association?

The Yellowstone Club Estates Owners Association (YCEOA) is a non-profit organization incorporated by the laws of the state of Montana.  The purpose of YCEOA is to enrich the quality of life in our neighborhood and promote the benefits of living in the northwest part of Billings.  We are committed to offering a clean, safe neighborhood for raising families, welcoming visitors and guests, and providing an open forum for communication among residents of YCEOA.  The governing board of directors consists of 5 members elected to 3 year terms at the YCEOA Annual Meeting, traditionally held in May or June.  The board of directors meets to address improvements to the Yellowstone Club Estates Subdivision, enforcement of the YCEOA Covenants and Restrictions and reviews all building permits to ensure compliance with the YCEOA Covenants and Restrictions.  

The current YCEOA Board of Directors includes:  Addie Bedford, President; Zach Appel, Vice-President; Jennifer Kautz, Director; Trenay Hart, Secretary, and Jeremy Goetz, Treasurer.

We Strive To:

  • Coordinate and cooperate with other professional associations, all related public and voluntary agencies, and community and individual groups for the benefit of association members.
  • Encourage development of the neighborhood in order to increase property values.
  • Ensure that the covenants of YCEOA are relevant, communicated to all residents of YCEOA, and enforced to ensure the quality of life and aesthetics of our subdivision.
  • Provide assistance when requested by an association member.
  • Gather and disseminate information of interest to its members.